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Discover The Power Of Credit Enhancement

And How to Use Them To Back Up
Your Financing Requirements and Loans!

Credit enhancement, until now, have been out of reach of the average borrower and investor. For years, they have been enjoyed only by the insiders.

Now , you can take advantage of this reclusive technique of borrowing money that is backed by innovative collateral enhancements. The information revealed here together with our consultation services will answer many of your questions on both equity funding and debt financing nationwide and credit enhancements.
We will set the record straight and dispel any myths and misunderstanding that prevail in the market.

Why Are We So Uniquely
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We are an international loan and
financial service center
and a clearinghouse
for information on

collateral back-up programs,
surety bonds,
pay-on-default instruments

and many of the

popular collateral enhancements
to back up loans,
high risk ventures,
debt and equity funding and
a variety of financial transactions.


Our experience since 1980 in making and implementing business decisions in lending matters in the areas of credit enhancements both domestic and internationally
enables us to offer realistic recommendations on your specific situation. We are committed to providing you with the most balanced view of any viable lending situation.

We also have facilities for a variety of sophisticated lending placement, international loans, credit related counseling services, informational and other capital services such as

  • international credit report retrieval
  • rentable collateral
  • stock portfolio loans
  • credit mergers and acquisitions
  • credit card acquisitions
  • credit repair
  • co-signer funding
  • credit builder lines
  • 100% no-money down plans

and many more..

A New Era For Serious Loan Brokers,
Or Specialty Collateral Consultants

Here’s what we do that you can be part of. We offer an extensive array of loan programs, mostly backed by private funds, that includes but not limited to the following financing: international loans and project financing, venture capital, trade financing, real estate funding, business loans, equipment financing & leasing, commercial loans, and international credit enhancements and collateral back-up programs.

We are fully prepared to consult and assist you with any temporary or permanent financing needs. We consult with commercial loan brokers, capital consultants, international funding organizations, finance consultants, capital agents, international funding associations, finance stock brokers, finders, finance brokers and intermediaries throughout the entire free world.

Resolve Your Funding Needs Now

For those whose loans have already been committed subject to the procurement of legitimate credit and collateral-back up options, financial indemnity, surety bonds and other default enhancements, or those seeking credit and collateral instruments to back up their loans to protect their lenders against bankruptcy, our “Specialty Collateral Acquisition And Consultant” program will prove invaluable.

This program, perhaps the only one of its kind in the world (that tackles domestic and  international funding) is widely used by both career loan brokers, venture capital consultants and would-be finance and loan brokers. We supply everything there is to needed in the collateral and credit enhancement marketplace… what options are available, how they are legitimately used, and how to acquire them successfully.


The Startling Truth About Credit Enhancements Or
Collateral Enhancement And Credit Enhancement Programs


The terms Credit Enhancement, Collateral Enhancement, and Credit Enhancement Programs have been abused very badly in the collateral marketplace. But, they shouldn’t be. For these methods of financing have been known since the Phoenician Traders at the beginning of the last millennium BC. Or better yet, since the existence of a medium using money as an intermediary between products.

You see, when a borrower is unable to offer sufficient collateral to cover a loan or provide an assurance that the loan will be repaid in full, he may be required to seek a form of “insurance,” a loan back-up or support, to cover the loan in the event of default. Simply stated, a Credit Enhancement or Collateral Enhancement is a form of collateralization. And the specific options offered by substantial financiers or underwriters based upon the credit rating of the borrower are known as Credit Enhancement Programs

Credit enhancements have been given a wide variety of names such as indemnification documents, collateral bonds, credit boost up, surety bonds, collateral assurance documents, etc. While each type has its own legal ramifications, they all have the pay-on-default feature. That means in the event the borrower defaults on his loan, the underwriter or financier will have to make it good… repay the loan.

The Apparent Veil Of Secrecy In The Marketplace


Oftentimes you’ll hear people making references to “major worldwide banking institutions” or “better known insurance companies rated minimum A, or best AAA” as the preferred source of funds to underwrite these transactions. Actually, it’s not the size that matters. It’s the financial condition of the underwriter. An acceptable collateral should be written by a substantial institution (banks, insurance companies, trust companies, private entities etc.) whose credit is good and world known.

Today, because the discussion of collateral or credit enhancement is often associated with “offshore” (known for its secrecy), the marketplace has created a huge aura of secrecy. In fact, until now, a veil of secrecy has shrouded the world of collateral enhancements. Information as simple as what these documents are and how they’re used have been known only to a few. But, I hope this site has given you some grip on them.

Equity Loan or Equity Capital.
How To Get Money You Don’t Have to Pay Back… Ever!


You can get money you don’t have to pay back through the magic of equity loans or equity capital. It’s done everyday. How can you do it? It’s really easy when you know how! To help you understand the process, you should learn the following two terms.



Debt Financing Or Debt Capital


This is the money you borrow to start or run your business. It’s called debt capital because it is borrowed money that must be repaid. Of course the object is to use it in such a way as to make enough money to be able to make the payment from its generated earnings and still have enough left over for a profit.



Equity Financing Or Equity Capital


This is the money you “get” to put into your business which doesn’t have to be repaid… ever. Why doesn’t it have to repaid? For a simple reason.

See, those who put up this kind of money become part owners of the business. These investors contribute to the long-range capital of the business. They own an interest or shares. They show proof of ownership by a paper certificate (stocks) you issue them. They are paid a proportion of the profits from the business.

As contrasted with loans, equity loan or equity capital has no fixed required period of repayment, no predetermined fixed interest as a rate of return and no collateral pledged. In pure theory, the capital is subordinated to all loans so that the greater the capital, the greater the further borrowing capacity.


The Best Of Both Worlds


In effect, with equity money, your cash-flow is not strained. Debt money on the other hand requires a monthly payment to cover the principal and interest. All this must come from your profits. Equity money only requires a percentage of the profits which is usually much much less than the payments on a loan. This leaves more money for yourself, plus more money to plow back into your business to make money and to build wealth fast.

If you want to consider this avenue of financing to seek the funding you need for your business or real estate project, here are some of the questions you should think through… How much to seek? What to give in return? Who will be in control of the business? Will your investor be a working or a silent partner? And, more importantly, How and where can you find the individuals or firms willing to put up “Equity Loan” or “Equity Capital” in venture?



Everything You Always Wanted To Know
About Venture Capital Or Risk Capital and
Collateral-Based Financing Provided By
Venture Capital Firms


Venture capital or risk capital investment provided by a wide variety of venture firms can be defined as the provision of early-state financing for growth and developing companies. It typically involves taking an ownership interest in a business in the form of a direct purchase of stock or equity share.

The majority of venture capital firms that put up risk capital or venture capital money require active, ongoing involvement in the business usually from five to ten years for their investment to provide a significant return.

In the financing capital arena, the stage of growth determines what funding is most needed for working capital, equipment purchases, further expansion, debt restructure, or acquisition of shareholder interest. Companies at any of the following stages of growth are generally regarded as risk or venture capital candidates:

Seed capital phase – Typically perceived to be more risky. The entrepreneur has developed a new process, service or product. Typically no formal organizational structure is in place. A select venture capitalist participates at this research and development (R&D) level;

Start-up phase – The company is planning to organize or has been organized for a short time and is beginning to produce and sell its products or services. It may or may not be profitable and needs additional capital to continue its growth;

Expansion phase – When your company is still small but has a favorable operating history. Financing is needed to increase plant capacity and/or working capital due to growing sales;

Buy-out phase – Here financing is needed to make an acquisition of a company or to liquidate the venture capitalist’s position.

Venture financing is provided once an examination of the project has determined feasibility; marketability; personal commitment by the entrepreneur; future growth potential; management, marketing, manufacturing and technical expertise to execute the project; legal protection such as patents; high priority attention by management; financial return; and the projected number of new jobs to justify the investment.

Today, a select group of venture capital firms provide certain credit enhancement to back up entrepreneurial ventures. This allows the entrepreneur who otherwise may not qualify for a conventional funding to funding from his own bank with ease. 

Your Easy Source Of Credit Enhancement
Within Easy Reach! Check This Out!


Yes, cosigners (also called comakers) can come to your aid when you don’t qualify for a loan on your own because you have bad credit or no previous credit. You may try to qualify by getting a cosigner.

A Cosigner or CoMaker is a firm or person who signs along with you on a loan to bolster your credit. They in effect endorse the note. That’s why they are also sometimes referred to as endorsers.

If you as a borrower fail to pay up a note that has been endorsed by a cosigner or comaker, the lender expects the endorser to make the note good, that is pay off the loan. So using a cosigner or comaker gives you the opportunity to establish your credit when no lender would normally loan money to you on your credit.

One of the easiest way to find cosigners and comakers is to simply ASK firms and people you “Know”. It could be your immediate family member, an able uncle, an acquaintance or your old boss, any person or firm with the credit, financial condition and willingness to do so.


Other Ways To Find CoSigners And CoMakers


Here’s another way to find cosigners and comakers, particularly if you’re a starting entrepreneur. You may want to convince an established business owner to be your endorser. The best way to get another party to take this risk is to identify those companies or individuals who stand to benefit most by your success. When promising to deal only with a single supplier and proving that you will soon be a major customer and you may get that needed endorsement.

The other method is to pay someone to be your CoSigner. Or, you may employ the services of a professional finder to find a CoSigner. Be creative and you could have a ton of people itching to cosign for you. But, always remember, where fees are to be paid, you must exercise extreme caution.

While Cosigners or CoMakers are not officially classed as collateral enhancements by lenders, they serve the same purpose; i.e. they give the lender greater confidence that his loan will be repaid in the event something happens to you.

Want to learn more advanced techniques about the various shrewd and more creative credit enhancement tactics?



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