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Co signer
Updated  Wednesday, February 24, 2016

When you can't get it anywhere else
You need a loan, the lender is ignoring your pleas--
What do you do? 

When a borrower is unable to offer sufficient collateral to cover a loan or provide an assurance that the loan will be repaid in full, 
the borrower may be required to seek a form of "insurance," a loan back-up or support, to cover the loan in the event of default. 

Cosigners (also called comakers) can come to your aid when you don’t qualify for a loan on your own because you have bad credit or no previous credit. 

You may try to qualify by getting a cosigner.


A Cosigner or CoMaker is a firm or person who signs along with you on a loan to bolster your credit. They in effect endorse the note. 

That’s why they are also sometimes referred to as endorsers.

If you as a borrower fail to pay up a note that has been endorsed by a cosigner or comaker, the lender expects the endorser to make the note good, i.e. pay off the loan. 

So using a cosigner or comaker gives you the opportunity to establish your credit when no lender would normally loan money to you on your credit.


When Prospective Lenders are hesitant to approve a loan   

What it is:        A co-signer  -- A person or company with high net worth and excellent credit -- to guarantee your loan.

How it works:  Basically, it is an alternative to use when a lender is not interested in your loan. 

Through a Loan Guaranty Agreement,   

A Co-signer can get the loan for you just by pledging their good credit and not having to give up any of  their own money.  

This allows them to earn extra money without disrupting their present investments.

So who are these co-signers.   

These are people who are usually retired and have a lot of money in their investment accounts.
They are seeking to earn extra income without taking their money out of existing investments.
So they put up their good credit rating and assets as a co-signer. 

These investors have a lot of cash and seek investment opportunities.  
Let me explain.

These investors are looking for ways to earn more income from their investments, 

but they can't take their money out of their existing investments, without paying high penalties. 

So they leave their money in these investments and use these investments and credit rating instead. 

This is exactly the kind of money making opportunity wealthy investors love.
It involves connecting these investors with small borrowers in need of funding.

They need you. And you need them.

Banks are not lending. And when they do, it requires good credit, collateral and personal guarantees. 

This leaves the small borrowers with bad credit and no collateral out in the cold
Many small Borrowers are now cashing in on this funding opportunity, 
There is no Credit Check
These are non-bank sources of loans.  

  • Small borrowers need to raise cash immediately
  • They don’t have hard collateral that a bank considers adequate on which to make a loan
  • The borrowers often have poor credit so a personal guarantee is out, and there is no credit check.
  • The borrowers are financially strapped, perhaps going through foreclosure or a bankruptcy.
  • The investors want to earn a higher return on their money.

These investors want nothing more than to earn a fee.  NOW 
And you the borrower needs the money yesterday. 
So the typical funding can close in just days.
You can receive funding in as fast as 10 days.
This funding is from $3,000 to $100,000. 
This funding is a revolving line so you can reborrow over and over without a new loan everytime. 



Fees:    Insurance is 1% of the unpaid balance monthly,  Interest is approximately 1%  of the unpaid balance monthly

Typical Loan   $10,000 you receive $10,000  the interest+ insurance is 24%,  Monthly payment $287.68, Term 5 Yrs,  

There is no credit check 

Min Requirements  
1. Must be 18,  
2. Have verifiable income,  
3. Active checking account,  
4. Gov't issued photo ID

So what is your next step.....
Get the documentation Package that you need to fill out to get your funds.
There is a very small refundable deposit for the Doc Package.

If you are not funded after we receive your completed application
Your fee will be refunded, No questions asked.


Discover The Power Of Credit Enhancement
And How to Use Them To Back Up Both
 Business And Personal Loans!


When a borrower is unable to offer sufficient collateral to cover a loan or provide assurance that the loan will be repaid in full, the borrower may be required to seek a form of "insurance," a loan back-up or support, to cover the loan in the event of default. Simply stated, a Credit Enhancement or Collateral Enhancement is a form of collateralization, (a co-signer) .

The specific options offered by substantial financiers or underwriters based upon the credit rating of the borrower are known as Credit Enhancement Programs

Credit enhancements have been given a wide variety of names such as indemnification documents, collateral bonds, credit boost up, surety bonds, collateral assurance documents, IFGA, co-signers, etc. While each type has its own ramifications, they all have the pay-on-default feature. That means in the event the borrower defaults on his loan, the underwriter, financier, or co-signer will have to make it good… "repay the loan".

Sometimes you’ll hear people making references to "major worldwide banking institutions" or "better known insurance companies rated minimum A, or best AAA" as the preferred source of funds to underwrite these transactions. Actually, it’s not the size that matters. It’s the financial condition of the underwriter. An acceptable collateral should be written by a substantial institution or person (banks, insurance companies, trust companies, private entities etc.) whose credit is good.

The marketplace has  a huge aura of secrecy. In fact, until now, a veil of secrecy has shrouded the world of collateral enhancements. Information as simple as what these documents are and how they’re used have been known only to a few. But, I hope this site has given you some grip on them.

Financial Loan Guarantees , are largely unknown to the average borrower and investor. For years, they have been enjoyed only by the insiders and the wealthy.

Now, you can take advantage of this reclusive technique of borrowing money that is backed by innovative collateral enhancements. The information revealed here together with our consultation services will answer many of your questions concerning loan opportunities and credit enhancements. We will set the record straight and dispel any myths and misunderstanding that prevail in the market.

 Why Are We So Uniquely Qualified To Help You?

We are an international loan and financial service center and a clearinghouse for information on collateral back-up programs, surety bonds, pay-on-default instruments, Irrevocable Financial Guarantee Agreements, SBLC's, BG's  and many of the popular collateral enhancements to back up loans, high risk ventures and a variety of financial transactions.

Our experience since 1980 in making and implementing business decisions in lending matters in the areas of credit enhancements both domestic and internationally enables us to offer realistic recommendations on your specific situation.       We are committed to providing you with the most balanced view of any viable lending situation. 

We also have facilities for a variety of sophisticated lending placement, international loans, credit related counseling services, informational and other capital services such as

  • credit report retrieval
  • rentable collateral
  • stock portfolio loans
  • credit mergers and acquisitions
  • corporate Credit Card acquisitions
  • credit repair
  • co-signer funding
  • credit builder lines
  • 100% no-money down plans
  • and many more

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