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Church Funding with Bonds

Church Funding –

Even if your church has been turned down

addressing the needs of churches, synagogues and mosques with fast fair and flexible solutions

Everyone is aware of the lending market becoming increasingly difficult to operate in.

Credit lines are being pulled, banks have stopped lending, and the usual avenues of funding have dried up.

The question then becomes: “How can I meet the my organizations funding needs at a value they can live with?”

We understand your concerns, and seek every opportunity to present a solution for you and your congregation. 

We offer the ability to fund many different acquisitions, refinance existing loan.

We also provide a funding solution that is a WIN - WIN for both the Church, Members and outside investors. 

  • New construction, major renovations, purchasing new facilities, land acquisition, refinancing

  • Up to three times the annual tithe

  • More if you have a capital raising campaign or bond program

  • $500,000 to $20,000,000


Church Funding With Our Unique Bond Program

A Rare Glimpse: Listen in on a Confidential Funding Conference Call

This will enlighten you to the inner workings and details. 

Watch the presentation below, you will be pleasantly surprized.  


Thank you for your interest.

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