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Healthcare Debt Portfolio

Healthcare Debt Portfolios
Medical Insurance Companies,
Medicare and  Medicaid Claim Portfolios

addressing the needs of Healthcare Providers the Direct Lender Alliance Presents our Medical Finance Factoring Program

In general, any healthcare provider* being paid by medical insurance companies,

Medicare or Medicaid with at least a volume of $25,000 per month and 6 months in business

is eligible to apply for Healthcare Finance Funding.


  • Individual and Group Medical Practices/Walk-in Clinics


  • Group Homes (Adult and Children)


  • Medical Transport (Ambulance)


  • Imaging Centers


  • Home Health Care Companies


  • Durable / Home Medical Equipment Companies


  • Drug / Substance / Alcohol Abuse Centers –




We look at your filed, but yet unpaid claims and turn thoses into immediate cash for medical practices.  
Medicare, medicaid, major commercial Insurance carriers. 
We now finance many practices that would otherwise not qualify.


This allows the practice to 

* Get paid in advance aganist their claims now.
* Free up cash to finance new equipment, growth, etc.
* Provide cash to add payroll to accomodate more patients.
* Improve overall receivables management capability.
* Add a team of nurse practioneers to handle routine exams.
* Update offices, add new examing rooms.
* Paying signing bonuses for new partners, physicians or acquisitions. 


* Pay off other lenders, vendors, etc.
* Accelarate cash flow, turn receivables into immediate cash.
* Get cost savings from vendor discounts by paying now.
* Protect and improve credit rating.
* Improve ROI's of capital investments by financing deferred projects at today's costs
* Generate new revenue streams by quickly responding to market opportunities,
   without lengthy credit application processes. 


1. This financing procedure, Does not interfere with current billing in anyway.
2, This is a financing instrument NOT anything related to switching billing companies, etc. 
3. We will assess the (NRA)  (Net Realizable Amount) this is the amount that you will actually be paid by the payors  
    (medicare, medicaid, major insurance providers)
4. Funds you receive is 80% of that amount as an immediate advance. 
5. You are paid cash within 48 hours of submitting claims


1. This is a very simple process, After receiving the basic contact information
2. We will contact the Medical Practice, within 24 hours, to set up  
    a conference call with the underwriter 

3. At which time we will request basic Documentation in order to make our decision.
4 Term sheet will be issued within 48-72  hours of receipt of all required documentation
   with the proposed conditions for client approval.

5. Their account is now opened and active upon receipt of the signed Term Sheet.
6. Funds are received within 48 hours of account opening. 
7. Medical Practice generates a claim and bills their third party payer as usual, with no    
   changes or interruptions to their normal process or operations. 

8. Claims are submitted and verified and advances are paid out according to conditions (80%).
9. Upon receipt of payment of claim from payer, We will remit the balance of fund due (20%) Less the financing fee


* Behavioral Health

* Hospice

* Hospitals
 Lab Services
 Long Term Care

* Out Patient Rehab centers 

* Pharmacy Services

* Physicans 

* Healthcare Technology

* Home Medical Care Equipment Companies

* Home Health Care 

* Drug/ Substance/Alcohol abuse centers

* Imaging Centers

* Walk in Clinics

* Individual and Group Medical Practices.

* Medical Transport (Ambulance)

* Group Homes 

* Any Provider than bills insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid

The quickest pracrice to setup is a practice with the fewest different number of codes. 
Like an ambulance company has only 4 codes
Imaging center has very few codes also.
Walk in clinics have the most diverse number of codes.  

Finance charge is $1 a day per $1000 as a rule of thumb. 
We give 120 days for claim to be paid before recourse is made from recourse fund
Debtor (insurance co ) insolvency is not a reason for recourse. 


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