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High Risk Small Biz Funding



There is a huge pot full of cold hard cash  ($BILLION$) waiting for small businesses. The people with this cash are upper middle class investors with fat IRAs and 401Ks.
They've been getting below zero interest on savings, CDs and, retirement accounts. 

They’d like to make a higher return. The problem is they don't know how or what to do...

These investors, want their money to work for them, so they don’t have to.  They are retired and/or sold a business, and put a lot into their retirement plans and their 
working years are behind them.

They are seeking someone who can put their cash to work at a higher return rate than they are getting now and they absolutely DEMAND, and this is key, they DEMAND a good legitmate investing opportunity.  What better lending opportunity is there than to fund a small business?

These lenders are desperate because they have a lot of cash and no opportunities. This is why we need YOU.  This opportunity is so huge, and these desperate investors who are lucky enough to find this lending opportunity are thrilled to be lending their money.

Let me explain...

These lenders are looking for small businesses to invest in, secured only by the business not the owner, and in amounts as low as $50,000 up to $1,000,000.

We are introducing a new program that will blow the lid off small business funding.  It involves connecting these rich lenders with small business owners who need cash.

The lenders need you...

BANKS ARE NOT LENDING! And when the banks are lending, it’s secured by real estate or to businesses who quite frankly don’t need the cash. 

This leaves “John or Jane Small Biz Owners” out in the cold.  Anyone with a home based business, or a nail shop, or a bar…they cannot raise money today.

At all. Except they can.

Most don’t know how but business owners who find this funding program are regularly cashing
in on these 
equity lines of credit that offer them attractive payment terms and the ability to do
things like pay off other bills, 
buy more inventory, expand, get new equipment, or buy out a competitor, etc.

These are non-bank private sources of business equity funding.
And the credit lines can be small. $50,000 small. Or $200,000. Or $1,000,000.

Who has this money?

Remember those desperate lenders I spoke of earlier? 
The upper middle class folks with fat IRAs and 401Ks, they are desperate for their money to go to
work for them making good investments. So we have got plenty of investors.

Let’s go back to the money.....

It does no good if the lenders are always saying “no no no”.

We want…

Funding where the lenders say "yes yes yes!"

These lines of credit for business owners MUST be non-recourse. 
Meaning that the lenders do NOT look at the owner of the business to get paid back.
And so they are... Non-recourse private lines of credit.

In fact, that’s good because many business owners today are strapped for cash and have other problems,
personal problems, that have destroyed their FICO scores and robbed them of equity on their own
personal financial statements.

Many business owners need to raise cash they don’t have real estate or any security that a bank considers
adequate on which to raise money.

The owners often have poor credit the owners are financially strapped, perhaps going through foreclosure or
a short sale on their own residence.

Is there help for the business owners to find lenders who are actively funding? 


I'll show you exactly how to gain access to this funding. 

Most any business owner can obtain funding with this program.  

Funding is determined ONLY by the business's equity (no collateral) and not by personal assets or credit score.

That’s it.

Upon receipt of the required documentation the investors can be arranged.
The funds can be in your business escrow bank account fast and you get the money days not weeks or months. 

The thing is, these funding programs are QUICK to close. 
Our lenders want nothing more than put their funds to work. NOW! 
And “you” the business owner needs the money yesterday.
So the typical funding situation can close in 7 days from the time documentation are filed and approved.

If you have a fundable request and can provide us with the paper we need,
we can provide you with the $paper$ you need.  

Simple as that. 

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