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Irrevocable Financial Guarantee Agreement
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Irrevocable Financial Guarantee Agreement

Wednesday, February 24, 2016  




An Irrevocable Financial Guarantee Agreement Is a contract where an individual or corporation agrees to be responsible for the debt or obligations of a borrower in the event that the borrower defaults on its debt owed to a lender or creditor. 

It's essentially a co-signer agreement.

Is customizable as to whether it is a personal or a business guarantee, continuing or non-continuing guarantee, limited or unlimited obligation, assignment of guarantor's loans to borrower, etc.

Can be filled out in a matter of minutes.
100% Money Back Guarantee. Upon successful funding your fee will be refunded.  If you are denied for a loan or credit after submitting a properly filled out IFGA your fee will be refunded.


Benefit Loss Payment  

It Is a Life- Disability - Unemployment... insurance written to cover just one loan

It pays the loan off if a borrower (or the lawful partner or spouce) dies 

It pays the loan off  if the borrower and/or co borrower is permanetly disabled. 

It pays the payments as long as either the borrower, spouce, or co borrower is temporarily disabled

It pays the payments as long as either the primary or co borrower is involuntarily unemployed from their fulltime employment.

Credit Life - Pays off or reduces the eligible loan balance in the event of member’s death

Credit Disability -  Pays off the loan up to policy maximum in the event of total disability caused by covered injury or illness.
Makes the payments during a Temporary Disability

Single Credit Disability - Covers loan payments if a primary income earner, who is the borrower on this loan, becomes disabled

Joint Credit Disability - Covers loan payments if dual-income earners, who are co-borrowers on this loan, become disabled

Involuntary unemployment insurance will cover the minimum payment if the primary or co account holder is laid off for a specific period of time. 
Charges incurred after the layoff are excluded, and if you're fired, or quit you're not covered.

With Credit Insurance, if the unexpected was to occur, you would be able to:


  • Keep paying bills - If income is lost or reduced during times of financial hardship, payments are made, freeing up income to pay other household bills
  • Save financed assets - A family’s standard of living is preserved, their savings account isn’t depleted, and their financed assets are saved
  • Maintain your credit rating - A borrower's credit rating is protected by ensuring loan payments are made on financed assets
  • The Ability to get future credit is not compromised

This is for an individual or a Small Business (Sole Prop) 
For a loan guarantee for a LLC or Corp request a SBLC or LG



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Individuals that waste our time will be Blacklisted from this program.

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The purpose of this contact is for the initial Documentation.
These documents are not loan contracts. 
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