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Unclaimed Tradeline Checks


MAKE $50,000 to $100,000 A YEAR

We will pay you cash up front for every completed account

With your own Part Time Online business

In 4 hours a day working at home.

You Never Place Any Ads of Any Kind

You Do NOT have a Web Site.

You Do Not Buy Any Products or Equipment

You Do Not Sell anything to anybody.

Age or gender does not matter.

No one cares about the color of your skin.

Lack of income is no big deal.

Education or lack of it is irrelevant.

Where you live does not matter.

This can be done literally anywhere in the world

If you have an internet connection and a Paypal account

Physical disabilities do not matter as long as you can operate a computer.

The money is in escrow ready to be claimed !

These Checks are ready to be mailed out.

It does not matter who you are - you can always find a few minutes to do something if you consider it important.

If you have more money than you have time, then hire people to do the work for you.

If you have more time than money, you do it yourself.

If you have neither time nor money, you have a decision to make:

Where am I spending my time, and is it making more money for me than this business would?

There are not many moving parts to the business, after all:

You search existing databases online of unclaimed tradeline disbursement checks.

You contact the person the money is owed to. (Claimant)

Using the form Letter we provide, You Contact the Claimant offering your services to harvest the money 

from the Trustee Account.  Very few people turn down this offer.

You then over and over again.

You do not need an office or employees when you’re starting out in this business.

Those are just other terms for “overhead.” I’m a big believer in keeping your overhead (monthly expenses) 
as low as possible until you start seeing a nice monthly revenue.

There will be plenty of time to grow later.

For now, just forget about all the trappings of being in business.

Got a computer with internet connection, common sense, can you follow simple instructions?

Congratulations: You’re in business.

You do not have to wait. You can start making deals your very first day.

There is approximately 50 Billion dollars waiting to be claimed.

This is not a complicated business. it's simple when you know the secret websites that we dhow you.

Furthermore, we reduced the business down to a simple system

Regarding the process of dealing with claimants, you’ll soon discover that this is a real numbers game.

If this were brain surgery, then you would have to get it right the first time every time.

In baseball, the rule is “three strikes and you’re out.” That’s fine for baseball, but we’re in a peculiar sort of money baseball. 

In our version, you get to swing as many times as you wish. It’s true that you’ll never get anywhere at money baseball 
if you sit on your butt in the bleachers, eating hot dogs. But if you step into the batter’s box and take a swing, 
no one can call you “out.” Just keep swinging. You will miss some and You will connect with some. You will hit many home runs.

Thank your lucky stars that this amazing opportunity is still very secret 

If it was not, we’d have millions of people doing this, and your profits would go to hell.

We show you how to show the claimants how get these checks out of escrow.

Mailed to them from the Court Trustee.

Using the secret Secured websites that we show you.

Unclaimed Vendor Tradeline Disbursement Checks

Just $2000 in completed deals a day = $125.000 a year in income for you.

Now let me show you the money

Open the attached 183 page PDF file that is attached to this email

You will see check after check after unclaimed check. 

And this is just one list there are 90 other lists just like this one

You will notice that checks range from a few cents up to $1,000's

See how many are from $200 up.

These are the checks you will be most interested in making deals for.

Why?  Because no one has ever figured out how to make any money from them

And nobody has ever gone after this money before, this is virgin territory.

That is until NOW

Unclaimed Vendor Tradeline Disbursement Checks.

Nobody knows for sure how many Billions of dollars there is available.

It's estimated around $50 Billion.

There are tens of thousands of new checks added on a daily basis?

If you collected $1,000,000 a year there is still $49,999,000,000.00 Left

You will never run out of money to collect.

In about an hour or two every night online you can find 100s of these checks.

We recommend that you put at least 10 deals a day into your pipeline

The reason is because only 3 out of 10 will come through for you.

Here is an unknown and easy way to make a great deal of money from
Unclaimed Vendor Trade Line Disbursement Checks that were settled and paid in Court cases.

The Money is already there and are waiting to be claimed

We show you how and where to get paid a 25% commission with very little effort.

The court trustee is relying on a list of claimants supplied by the debtors. This is key as you read on, 
because the court does not make any effort to contact or pay these claimants. It's entirely up to the claimants to collect.

Once the court decides who gets how much, the court is ready to cut checks to the claimants that are owed the money.

More frequently than you will ever believe, the claimants for some reason never claimed the money.
As evidenced by the list we sent to you.

The Trustee keeps the money in escrow, but they make no attempt to contact the person entitled to the money.

SO Why would anybody that has a check waiting for them fail to go get it.

There are a lot off reasons.

1. They have already written off this debt completely.

2. They are too busy, they can't take time off to do it.

3. They simply just don't know how.

4. They don't even know it exists.

5. They don't have the man power available.

6. The amount is too small for them to bother with

You will be surprised how many big companies, even Banks that leave this money there.

The court will now post a database of updated unclaimed checks, and leave it at that.

It's now up to the claimants to come forward and claim their check.

The great thing about the secured websites is that they tell you who the debtor was, who the creditor is, how much the check is for, 
the address of the claimant, etc. And, the courts have the case information online for you to look through.

The other great thing about this particular type of money is that they keep on adding more. Unless you have been under a rock, 
you know that the economy has been in a horrible state since late 2007 and that bankruptcies are at all time highs.

This will never end.  

This is easy cash Money you can make.

So you will go back to this never ending money source.

Okay, now let’s talk about the dollar amount of the files.

Open the PDF Show Me The Money lists that is attached to this email.

Look at all the checks that are waiting to be claimed.

There are checks ranging from a penny up to Thousands of dollars

How a $200 Check is worth your time?

FIRST: There are no Attorneys involved, your client will NOT have to petition for the funds.

They get the money without an attorney!

The Money has already been awarded and the check is ready to send.

The Legal process is over.

SECOND: You can get these deals put together almost nothing, our costs are $3 to $5 a file

OK: So on a $200 claim; The claimant pays you a 25% commission in advance, when you receive the money. 

So you have just made $50  And it may cost you $5 in mailing costs,  

And you didn’t have to pay to find the claimant, pay for an attorney, or step foot in any court house.

You do the entire process online and/or through the mail.


AND, since it will take you maybe an hour or (30 minutes when you get good at it) of online work to find 10 deals

As we mentioned above the average closing is 3 out of 10

So you make $150 on 3 $200 deals. 

That is – in case you missed it - Over $150 per HOUR. .

Of Course most of your deals will be more than $200. ($200 is the minimum)

The more deals you work the more money you make.  $1000 days are not unusual.

A Couple of Teenagers with computers and Internet connections could get you a 100 deals a day.

On a More Realistic beginners level, Working Alone: Part Time After work at night

If you just one did  $2000 in deals a day. That will take you a few hours.

That’s $500 per day, $2500/wk (5 day week), $10,750/month (4.3 weeks in a month).

Work 3 hour per day, 5 days per week,  You make 120,000 a year!

That is an example (yes, its easily attainable), individual results will vary 

(that’s code for if you are too lazy to do this or can't follow directions, 

you’re out of luck you will not make anything, and you need to stick with your present JOB)

How does it feel?

You didn’t have to pay to find the claimant,

Pay for an attorney, or step foot in any court house.

The first one is the hardest, the more you do, you get faster and better at it.

BUT Figure on 12 to 16 weeks before you fire your Boss

So here is what you do.   

1. Get the Claimants name and address the amount they are entitled to collect

So how do I get the above information?   Let me show you  

Go to this website    Getting the Claimants Name and Address 101

 2. You mail a one page personalized form letter to the claimants in a plain white hand addressed envelope
with a regular first class stamp. 
Notify them that they have an unclaimed check for $xxx waiting for them. And for (A sum equal to 25% of the funds available
you will send them all the information and forms to get this check. You will be surprised how many deals you get.  
WOW. Closing average of 3 out of 10, you can make $
10,000 a month just providing this information.

Bottom line, Work it and it will make you BIG money

Q How difficult is this program to understand? A. If you read and understand this email you can do this.

Q What do I need to do this?

A. 1. Computer, 2. Internet connection, 3. Basic computer Skills

4. A Checking Account to deposit your fees into,   5. A Credit or Debit Card. 

6. The Business Plan that gives you everything you need to start the first day.

Q. How much is this eCourse and how do I purchase it.

A. We invoice through Paypal, send us an email for details

If you have any questions please feel free to ask

You'll be amazed, When you see how easy it is using the search engines we show you

It is not pleasant to be broke. I've been rich and I've been poor, and I'll take rich every time.  

If you do not want to be rich keep your present job and stay in the same condition you are in now that's where you belong.  
But before you leave this site just think: for a minute.  
The next time you see someone driving a new expensive car, wearing a $2000 suit, remember that should be you.

Learn the exact step-by-step blueprint for finding the claimants, locating their money that they have NO CLUE about, 
showing them how to get the money you found them, 
and then collecting a fee in advance for finding them their money that they had no clue about. 
Trust me, they'll be more than happy to give you 25%+, and everything is done 100% legally and ethically.  

It's a simple matter of the right form and knowing where to submit it .   

Also I will give you the back door entrance to one of the Websites where to see 

Moving picture George Washington looking at you gif animation


Here is one student's feedback…….
Seeing success in less than 10 days! 
(All it took was some effort)
I am flabbergasted!  The response is very enthusiastic.
We bought the program three weeks ago.
My wife, Julie, sent 20 letters everyday.  200 Total in 10 Days
So Far we have received 61 email replies and 42 phone calls. 
These inquiries are VERY serious.
This is a potential of $30,000 if fees for almost zero work.
We have already received $4000 if fees through Paypal
And sent out the forms and other information to the clients.

I work a 50+hr per week at my job so my time is limited, 
but my wife stays home and does this in her spare time.
We are going to work this as fast as we can.
We are so excited to be working with you!
Blessings to you,
D Williams 
Did you know that there are thousands of new 
checks generated on a daily basis?

There's literally BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars out there in overages that nobody even knows about. 
Why?  Because, that's the way it was designed by our very Government.

How Does this System Work?




There are 2 ways to use the system.




1.  Build your own business, make your own deals, maximizing income.

Everything you need is in the e-Course.  There are people doing that now.



2.  Be a researcher.  Using our system, you find deals, do basic research,

refer the deals to us & make a commission while we work the deal for you.



 You find and contact the creditor.


 We'll do all the work on the deals.

 We'll pay any buyouts to claimants. 

 We'll pay you a 50% commission.




In this business most folks start as researchers, save money, then do deals on their own..


The system works part time, full time, or as a stand alone business.

You can make $1000's per week working during your lunch hour*.

Or you can build a multi-million dollar business full time.


The System Works For Anyone Regardless of Background, Education, Etc.



You can start making money almost immediately.



It's so simple we tested it on a 12 Year Old and They Found $30,000 in 30 Minutes! 

What do We Get with the System?



  A treasure map' showing you how to find the files - easy with our directions!!


 A Step by Step Guide for Securing the Money


 The worksheet we use when we identify the blocks of money


 The Documents That Allow Us/You To Get the Money!


 Free ongoing email support at no extra cost!


 Partnership! When you partner up with us as a researcher, we can buy out claimants upfront for you! 




 FREE Enrollment in Updates.  When/if we update the eCourse, we send it to you automatically.


Failure is Not an Option With Our System.

IF you want to make a lot of money fast
Without doing any physical work.
Let me here back from you ASAP
Spots are limited.
Think about this, the money is just sitting there, 
you saw proof of the effectiveness and the system. 
Here are just some case study examples:

Just a few of the  Monthly earnings our students 
& our offices have helped collect!
  • Rick Nelson            $40,000
  • HFG                      $13,630 
  • HFG                      $22,983 
  • Australian Student  $6,261 
  • Robert Smith         $39,005 
  • Robert Wilcox        $19,136.72 
  • P Bellamy              $31,023.97 
  • D Williams             $8115.79 
  • L Briggs                $15,938.34 
  • M Warner             $7587.21 
  • Fox & Week          $55,360.11 
  • Pass Amani           $15,379

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