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Special Equity Investors


Thank you very much for your inquiry regarding our services!

1. Proof of Funds/Verified Funds : Service while not a loan, is a perfect inexpensive and fast way to joint venture with a strong partner to your current financial profile, show reserves or buy time in your transactions with our verified funds. Different formats may include bank letters, phone/fax verification, online account access, verification of deposit form (VOD), TELEX, Swifts, DTC or Euroclear screens and/or account statements.

2. DLC/SBLC/BG: Documentary Letters of Credit, Stand by Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantees are financial instruments that may reserve, confirm or promise funds from one institution to another or to a business.

3. SWIFTS: are electronic notices sent from one bank to another. The MT799/MT999 Swift's are FREE FORMAT MESSAGES useful for Proof of Funds, the MT760 Swift is a guarantee of value, an MT103 is a bank wire. We typically have capability to send SWIFT MT799, MT99 and MT760 on cash and SBLC/BG's.

4.CURRENT FORMATS: ICC 600 is current version of DLC verbiage. URDG 758 is for Bank Guarantees and ISP 98 for SBLC.

5. Corporate Guarantees are a way to use strong 3rd parties to stand behind your project in the case of short falls or unforseen circumstances.

6. INSTITUTION:   In addition to public banks, private banks, credit unions, building societies, Forex, Credit Union, Securities Houses and money market accounts, investors may choose to fund a 3rd party Escrow Account for verification of funds purposes.

6. Equity Partnerships are a way to partner up with strong investors to set the financial foundation needed for deals to get done.

7. Escrow Services are independent 3rd party companies that agree to hold and protect funds and follow contract instructions.


New Concept in Partnering & Proof of Funds Investments

These funds are to fulfill any need for showing financial strength. 

We provide Equity/Cash for a wide variety of uses including:


We welcome amounts from $200,000 to $5 billion and work with all credit types. We have private partnerships and directly correspond with investors to get the best rate possible!

We also welcome and protect all brokered deals and offer full service clerical support throughout the entire process!

Arrangement Fees

Arrangement fees for Partnership and Proof of Funds services typically has to be escrowed or covered with a conditional payment at the time the account is set up for you, but are not released to the investor until your account service is confirmed.

Some Typical Clients Include:

  • All Real Estate Deals and Developers
  • Car Dealers
  • Airlines
  • Forex and Securities Dealers
  • Physical Commodity Transactions (Oil, gold, minerals, etc.)
  • Movie Producers
  • Franchise Businesses
  • Any Bond or reserve requirement transaction

Think of it as an equity partnership at a very low cost!


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